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Sunday, November 27, 2011

2007 September |

2007 September | " that the 7 word phrase, In the beginning..and then all the way until G-d Elokim ” Yihi Or” Said Let here be light!
Chagigah state that Rav Zutra bar Tovia said in the name of Rav: (pg 12a3) The world was created with ten things:
1) Wisdom
3) Understanding
4) Strength
5) Rebuke
6) Might
7) Justice
9) Compassion
10) Righteousness
The actual 10 things mentioned in the Parsha Bereishis 1-5, and the ten things which Chagigah mentions ten attributes (more than an an allusion to the ten spherot-AhMbdvd ). finally the completion of the first 5 versus of Bereishis 1-5, is completed in 52 words. If we acknowledge that time is coming into the equation, then we know that the day is specifically mentioned, then we can extrapolate that the 52 words, is equivalent to a full calendar solar year of man. But man has not yet been created."

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Google To Boot Sites With Pirated Content From AdSense (GOOG)

Google To Boot Sites With Pirated Content From AdSense (GOOG): "that it will be more aggressive about booting AdSense partners who use their sites to post pirated content.

In a post on its public policy blog, Google said that it's taking a stricter stance against piracy on its own sites and the sites of its partners. In addition to monitoring AdSense sites more closely for material like pirated audio files, the company also said it would do the following:"

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Seed Source Info: All site pages

Seed Source Info: All site pages: "This website is here to help. Returning to an old philosophy that the help will be provided unconditionally while the host, in this case the publisher of this website benefits only in a subtle and primarily indirect manner."

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