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Sunday, January 29, 2012

This post is dedicated to Deane – being a Business Owner is Magic | "I've Got a Golden Ticket!"

This post is dedicated to Deane – being a Business Owner is Magic | "I've Got a Golden Ticket!": "Most business owners work 80 plus hour weeks and have “homework” when we leave the office. Last night I finished at 3am, started back up again at 9am and am closing my night down early at 11pm.

But being an entrepreneur is the best thing that could have ever happened to me, or did I select this life… who cares who choose who, the fact is I have purpose each morning when I wake up."

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Essay Writing Service | TOP RATED PAPERS !

Essay Writing Service | TOP RATED PAPERS !: " network of professional custom essay writers working for! Every day thousands of students approach us with the request to get professional help writing essays. They ask us, “Could you please write my essay?” They order essays help at our site because they get the following paper writing services guarantees:

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Monday, January 2, 2012

GEICO | Contact Us

GEICO | Contact Us: "
By email
Have a question, comment, or idea? Send us an email!

By Phone
Find a GEICO phone number.

By Mail
Find a company address.

On Twitter
Are you a social media fanatic? Tweet your questions and comments to @GEICO_Service."

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WordPress Photography Themes by Photocrati

WordPress Photography Themes by Photocrati: "Websites for Photographers
All-in-one: Website + galleries + blog.
Dozens of styles + customize everything.
Great SEO and social media so you'll be found!
WordPress - the world's fastest growing web platform!
Join over 10,000 photographers!"

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Memberfire Membership Site System

Memberfire Membership Site System: "So... now onto barrier #2...

Barrier #2 - How Do I Get Traffic: Getting traffic to your new membership site is not as hard as you might think (and if you keep reading, you'll see how I will make this VERY easy for you). Think about our searches above, on 2 topics I just randomly selected. We see that there is a market.

There ARE people looking for what you want to sell... and more than enough to grab a few hundred people paying you anywhere from $10-$15 per month. Even if you are only able to get 300 people out of the many thousands that want this information, at only $10 (you COULD charge much more), you'd be making $3000 per month on just 1 membership site!"

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Secunia - The Leading Provider of Vulnerability Management and Vulnerability Intelligence Solutions

Secunia - The Leading Provider of Vulnerability Management and Vulnerability Intelligence Solutions: " Date
WordPress TheCartPress Plugin "tcp_name_post_1" Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability 2012-01-02
WordPress Connections Plugin Unspecified Vulnerability 2011-12-29
WordPress WP Symposium Plugin Two Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerabilities 2011-12-28
WordPress Mailing List Plugin Arbitrary File Download Vulnerability 2011-12-27
WordPress Sentinel Plugin Cross-Site Scripting and Cross-Site Request Forgery Vulnerabilities 2011-12-16
WordPress SCORM Cloud For WordPress Plugin "active" SQL Injection Vulnerability 2011-12-13
WordPress UPM Polls Plugin "PID" SQL Injection Vulnerability 2011-12-12
WordPress WP Symposium Plugin "uid" Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability 2011-12-12
WordPress iCopyright(R) Article Tools Plugin Unspecified Vulnerability 2011-12-09
WordPress Pretty Link Plugin "url" Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability 2011-12-07
WordPress s2Member Plugin "s2_invoice" Custom Capabilities Security Bypass Vulnerability"

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Payment, Tracking, Reminders for Front End Posting | WooJobs

Payment, Tracking, Reminders for Front End Posting | WooJobs: "I am building a website to allow users to post there own blog posts but they don’t get published until they have paid.

I require someone to help me build a simple payment system to allow the user to pay with PayPal once they have added there blog post on the front end of the site before the blog post is approved and published by administrator.

I need to be able to track the payment with reminders and after a certain period no payment has been made the blog post is deleted."

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