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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Torah as a Roadmap to Spiritual Growth

The Torah as a Roadmap to Spiritual Growth: "The Torah As A Roadmap To Spiritual Growth

For the inaugural post of the Chizuk Shaya blog, I'd like to share an insight from pirkei avos (a/k/a pirkei avot) (note: for those unfamiliar, pirkei avos (Hebrew: פרקי אבות‎) (literally, Chapters of the Fathers) is a compilation of the ethical teachings and maxims of various Talmudic sages divided into six chapters traditionally studied each Shabbos during the summer months).

Before studying a chapter of Pirkei Avos, it is customary to read from an introductory mishnah from Sanhedrin as follows: "kol yisrael yesh lahem chelek b'olam haba, sh'nemar, "v'amech kulam tzadikim, l'olam yirshu ha'aretz; netzer matai, ma'aseh yadai l'hitpaer.""


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