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Monday, October 1, 2007

The Beis of Creation.

The Beis of Creation.: " first line of Bereishis contains 7 words. The seven words correspond to the seven days of the week. The opening remark ends with Ha-Eretz, which is translated as the earth. I know none of this is Earth Shattering kind of content. The expalnation then continues with Ha-Eretz we can actually count the hebrew words that are contained within the 1st 5 lines of Bereishis. Try it each and every time there should be no surprise that there are 52. So, we have the first sentence of Bereishis which contains seven words which sets an important cycle, the week. Then by the end of the Torah's description Bereishis 1-5, we have the completion of the first day of creation Yom Echod! I might be looking for holidays here but Yom Echod- the first day, seems like something worth celebrating. "

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